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Tech entrepreneur & angel investor

My dayjob is at OnApp where I'm Founder&CEO. OnApp is an awesome company - my 6th startup, and by far the most interesting project I've been involved in.
I also enjoy investing time and money in startups (more money than time honestly, as OnApp keeps me busy these days). So if you're looking for and friend and some $$ for your startup, please to hear more.

I invest via KickAss.Capital



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If you are looking for an investment for your startup, please email me directly using the addy below.

I invest via KickAss.Capital

...Or send me your one-pagers through invisu, or Angel.co
  • 91 Brick Lane, London. UK
  • (UK) +44 800 158 8600
    (US) +1 866 234 3240
  • ditlev.dk